You Get To Choose

Human perception becomes human experience. Are you in fear? Take your mind and change it. Imagine you are at a buffet table and you get to choose, why would you choose poison? You get to choose. You have the power to choose. You, and you and you, and if we leave fear off the buffet, we, as a world, will perceive the good choices on the buffet table as our experience, as a collective world without fear. Imagine what other goodies are at the buffet? Love, joy, sunshine, laughter, so many things you can choose. You are in control. Your perception will show you your experience. You are in control.

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Socialism Takes The Free Out of Freedom

Bernie Sanders‘ socialist agenda would redistribute wealth and have the federal government give it to people based on need. As former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin put it, “the goal of socialism is communism.” Neither have anything to do with liberty and freedom. It’s about bigger bloated government control. There is no incentive to work hard and get rich because your money will be given to those who don’t do that in a system where the playing field is completely equal accept those government members running the whole whole thing, somehow they get to be rich. It’s been tried many times before, its failed many times before. There is a cost to a system with free stuff as opposed to the empowerment of the individual to reach as high as they can. It’s the limits on freedom that are so costly. It’s the killing of incentive to be rewarded for your hard work and creativity. It’s about dependancy on big government and giving your choice away, letting someone else tell you what you can and cannot accomplish. It’s weak, its lame, its disempowering. It encourages laziness and takes power and freedom away. Smaller government which stays within its role and empowerment of the individual is the opposite. Socialism is the take, take, take system. While you think it gives, by giving free things, it has a ceiling. Socialism takes the free out of freedom and what is left is dumb.