Bank of Canada ‘contingency planning’ in case public digital currency becomes necessary, official says

Conversation avec un ex-illuminati - Ronald Bernard & Sacha Stone (VOSTFR)

Check out the 22:40 minute onward about digital currency and blockchain and who really generated it. And who is using it now in positive ways. Also, the other dimensional influence ruling over the 8000 who control the world.

Ronald Bernard - International Tribunal for Natural Justice Testimony

The Next Massive Disclosure Will Shock The World -- John Paul Rice

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Paul Craig Roberts Rages At The Latest 'False' Trump Impeachment News

Will We Fight To Keep Us Free… This is a LIVEKINDLY video that is blacked out by youtube, no title is shown but because it came into my email box because I am alerted to all their videos I see the title, which is - How BIG MEAT and DAIRY Fooled You With Lies and Propaganda Not only is free speech under attack, censorship of anything that threatens the agenda of those controllers powerful enough to buy, bribe, threaten, blackmail, to get their own way, is well underway, with shadow banning and many other means to block and stop information they don't like out there. Much like communist countries, its happening, its sneaking up on us. It started long ago, people died for freedom, fighting for freedom, and now if they could see where we are today, the slow plans laid down like railroad tracks everywhere globally, they would vomit. People are being socially engineered to buy fairly tales and lies, for so long, and its constant, a drip drip drip, its slinky, its slick, its undetected by many, so deceptive, it sneaks its way into everyday life. There are no guarantees now and the only thing we control is ourselves ... will we fight to keep us free?

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FBI Releases MAJOR Vault on 'Finders' CIA Cult

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