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Conversation avec un ex-illuminati - Ronald Bernard & Sacha Stone (VOSTFR)

Check out the 22:40 minute onward about digital currency and blockchain and who really generated it. And who is using it now in positive ways. Also, the other dimensional influence ruling over the 8000 who control the world.

Ronald Bernard - International Tribunal for Natural Justice Testimony

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Will We Fight To Keep Us Free… This is a LIVEKINDLY video that is blacked out by youtube, no title is shown but because it came into my email box because I am alerted to all their videos I see the title, which is - How BIG MEAT and DAIRY Fooled You With Lies and Propaganda Not only is free speech under attack, censorship of anything that threatens the agenda of those controllers powerful enough to buy, bribe, threaten, blackmail, to get their own way, is well underway, with shadow banning and many other means to block and stop information they don't like out there. Much like communist countries, its happening, its sneaking up on us. It started long ago, people died for freedom, fighting for freedom, and now if they could see where we are today, the slow plans laid down like railroad tracks everywhere globally, they would vomit. People are being socially engineered to buy fairly tales and lies, for so long, and its constant, a drip drip drip, its slinky, its slick, its undetected by many, so deceptive, it sneaks its way into everyday life. There are no guarantees now and the only thing we control is ourselves ... will we fight to keep us free?

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Adam Schiff's Kangaroo Court

Kangaroo courts are systems that are set up to give the illusion of a fair and just legal process, when in actuality they do not support unbiased justice. Instead, they often decide the fate of the accused in advance, usually for the purpose of securing a conviction. This happens either by a manipulation of true court proceedings, or by denying the accused a proper defense. Essentially, a kangaroo court favors a speedy trial over following the proper procedure. Examples of kangaroo courts are those involving soldiers at war, or inmates in jail. It is not unheard of for a kangaroo court to deliberately abuse one or more of the rights of someone who is accused of a crime. Examples of kangaroo court violations can include: The right to be assumed innocent until proven guilty The right to be involved in, and to control, one’s own defense The right to hear a full and detailed statement of the charges filed against the accused The right to omit evidence that is irrelevant or inadmissible The right to cross-examine or summon witnesses The right not to incriminate oneself The right to be provided enough time and resources to prepare a proper defense to one’s charges The right to introduce evidence that supports the acquittal of the accused The right to appeal a conviction The right to have a stenographic record created of any trial proceedings

Government Too Big For Its Boots

Members of Congress grilling Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is a case study in those who don’t understand the freedom tech has given to people world wide versus their obsession with censorship and limitation. In their effort to break up big tech companies they only see their own contracted aims of control and watching them grilling Zuckerberg is amazing how arrogant and disrespectful they are, also ignorant. It's notable people who are government amateurs compared to experts in the field of digital technologies get to make major decisions that impact us all. More and more some of these western governments sound and act like Soviet Russia and Communist China, subverting our freedoms and liberty. Innovation and fresh ideas are being suppressed. For what aims? It’s obvious. Control. More and more government control is a warning sign. They don’t give a shit about your freedoms, only about your level of awareness to extradite yourself from their suppressive aims, and what is really going on behind the phony mask of caring for those very freedoms they subvert, twist and deny. Nobody in that room will do more to help people than the geeky guy they slimed with ridiculous questions. I have no idea what Zuckerberg’s politics are but after that hearing he should dispose big government and its enablers. Two billion plus humans are on facebook for free, get that free, as in free markets, free minds, free speech.

Ben Carson Warns: Political Correctness Will Destroy The U.S.

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Why Bitcoin can't fail from here! Justin Sun buys Poloniex!

For those criticizing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for their use in illegal activities, see the recent Korean Child Pornography bust by the DOJ  with massive arrest of over 300 people, It was BECAUSE the criminals were using Bitcoin that they were able to be tracked down on the blockchain and arrested.  A company called Chainalysis helped the authorities track down the creeps, and the authorities said it would be much harder if not impossible to track cash payments.  Crypto and the Blockchain by its nature is transparent. Check out the 19 minute mark of this video for a better explanation. Blockchain ain’t going away folks its early in the game but its our future.  (btw KYC stands for 'know your customer'.

Who The Hell Do They Think They Are

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The Free Market At It's Very Best... The Blockchain

The blockchain securitization of assets will represent the free market at its very best. When all the money goes broke, you don't have to. Everything can be tokenized. Your labour, your assets. The middlemen can be taken out of the equation. The manipulation can stop. The current fiat system will end. What do the socialist politicians think of cryptocurrency and the blockchain? Did you know Venezuela's socialist president Maduro gained an average of 50 pounds over the last few years while his people lost 50lbs. There is an equal playing field without socialism or any other system which looks like a pyramid. It's called the blockchain.

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This Is What I Think Of Political Correctness

No Safe Spaces

History has shown us there are three groups of people, those who fight, those who help the fighters and those who do nothing. Unfortunately history has shown us the third group is the largest group, those who do nothing. Those who help the fighters are as important as the fighters. Support does not have to be large, it can be, and it can be small, like going to see or buy documentaries that serve to inform the public of areas of concern. One area of concern has produced a number of good documentaries about animal consumption and treatment, some of it related to health and the environment (the health aspect being much more sound science) the list is long. Another new documentary not related to animal rights issues but still important in regards to freedom of speech, is coming out Oct 24th,‘No Safe Spaces’. This documentary addresses the PC or political correctness culture on campuses, being taught and encouraged. The makers of this film say it will be the comedians, like Dave Chappelle with his live shows and his recent videos (you can see some on Netflix) who will be leading the charge against the PC police and political correctness garbage. There are people that are totally sick of this kind of tyranny. There are a lot of people worried about the suppression of free speech now. A socialist/communist surge if you will. And it's the young people that are being indoctrinated. Go see the film when it comes out, don't be one of those who do nothing.

The Case Against Socialism - Rand Paul

Review “You wouldn’t think a book like this would be necessary but it is, and thank God we have it. Pay special attention to chapter 19, ‘Socialism Becomes Authoritarianism.’ It does, every time.” (Tucker Carlson) “Anyone who loves America―our freedom, our Judeo-Christian tradition― must read this book. Thanks to Rand Paul for reminding all of us of the perils of today’s faddish belief that more government control will make us happier.” (Laura Ingraham, Fox News host, The Ingraham Angle) “No U.S. senator in the modern era can rival Senator Rand Paul’s fidelity to the first principles of the free market. In this no-holds-barred and fun-to-read broadside, Paul shows why and how he stands alone in defending your right to engage in economic activities free from government intrusion and your constitutional right to a federal government that spends less than it takes. He also demonstrates how everything the central planners touch turns into dust.” (Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, senior judicial analyst, Fox News Channel, and bestselling author) “I grew up in China during one of history’s darkest eras: Mao’s socialistic Cultural Revolution. I appreciate the freedom that I have now in America so much because I used to not have it. All Americans need to read The Case Against Socialism, so that we will be reminded just how precious our freedom and our country are.” (Ming Wang, MD, PhD, Nashville, TN) “Communists in Russia killed my father. My mother experienced socialism up close and personal. I’ve lived under socialism while working in Cuba and South America. This book explains concisely and historically how state violence and poverty is not an aberration of socialism, but rather its inevitable consequence.” (Jon Basil Utley, publisher, The American Conservative)

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Connecting the Dots

From 1999 to 2014 Ukraine donated more money to the Clinton Foundation than any other foreign country. Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Romney all have children working for Ukrainian gas companies. And all of these people want Trump impeached. Are you connecting the dots yet?

Investigation Of Biden-Enriching Burisma Opened Months Before Zelensky Even Elected: Report

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Greta's Omission of the Worlds Worst Polluter

For those who don't know Greta Thunberg filed a legal complaint accusing five countries of inaction on global warming - drawing the ire of French President Emmanuel Macron, and many others who noted that she's left China out of her diatribes and lawsuit, despite being the world's worst polluter by total volume. This is highly suspicious as anyone who did a bit of digging would find out China has been built up and favoured by globalists, of course, its got tight communist rule of its people. It's their prototype of their new world order.

What Exactly Is Trump’s Impeachable Offense?

1,015,736,491,184 Reasons To Have A Plan B


They want to criminalize any investigation of corruption related to the 2016 election and attempted coup. This impeachment inquiry, thats it in a nutshell. They are violating constitutional rights. Certain individuals of the US congress need to be held accountable outside of government with lawsuits. Obstruction of a criminal investigation is a good start. The deep state swamp creatures need to come into the light of day and stand trial in a court of law.

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