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Governments Are Turning Citizen Obedience Into a Game- Spooky Halloween ...

Hillary Clinton is a Racist with Special Guest Larry Nichols

Judicial Watch: Big Lawsuit Over Clinton Security Clearance Scandal.

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It Has Already Begun, We Knew This Day Would Come:Bill Ottman

Watch How The Central Bank Tries To Hit Back To Regain The Narrative - E...

DigiByte Q&A with Josiah (DGB Ambassador)

Is this the END of MEAT? | Vegan Documentary 2018

BREAKING: James Cameron Says Animal Ag Is Destroying The Planet

Earthlings [Documentary]

Crypto Currency Market: Crypto Talk John Mcafee

We Are Watching/Witnessing The Destruction Of The Old Guard,Time Is Almost Up...

Coinbase Will "Quickly List Hundreds Of Tokens" And Stablecoins Are Not ...

Mid Term Election: Trump's Nationalists vs The Globalists

They Want To Kill FREE SPEECH [But We Won't Let Them]

Stripping The Central Banks Power Is Easier Than You Think - Episode 1702a

Message Sent, Message Received, Anons Now Know - Episode 1702b

REALIST NEWS - Live Stream - Clif High - 2 Year Old Temporal Markers Hit

Stellar (XLM) - 7 Reasons For Major Gains 2019 and Beyond - IBM - Starli...

CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT EPISODE WITH BILL MAJCHER ................. A MUST HEAR EPISODE !!!!!!!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The bad guys have all the money and no rules, the good guys have all the rules and no money." You won't want to miss this show - tonight we welcome Bill Majcher. Bill is a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police Inspector with almost 35 years of professional and operational experience. Early in his career he left the high paying world of a Euro-Bond trader in London, to pursue a more adventurous life that saw him working covertly for over two decades conducting drug and money laundering transactions with all manner of criminals and terrorists alike. Bill today has used his experience and is the Founder of EMIDR Limited, a Hong Kong based Asset Recovery firm that specializes in working with governments to track down and locate bil-lions of dollars that are stolen du…

The Central Banks Plan Disrupted, Now Trying To Backpedal, Goodbye - Epi...

Think Timing, We Are At The Precipice, [DS] Mission, Prevent Hammer - Ep...

#WalkAway March - Brandon Straka

Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble - Full Documentary

The Best Documentary Ever - The Bitcoin Phenomenon

Understand the Blockchain in Two Minutes

Bitcoin "Buy One Get Two Free", Regulating Blockchain And Bitcoin Is Legal in China...

Charles Ortel and Lionel Dissect: Mad Hoax "Bomber" Cesar Altieri Sayoc, HRC, POTUS and Caravan Mobs

Fox News Contributor Sara Carter Reveals Unreported Truth About The Migr...

BREAKING: James Cameron Says Animal Ag Is Destroying The Planet

Here's Who's Really Behind The Migrant Caravan

Ann Coulter on the media mocking caravan concerns

Days Of Darkness Will Give Way To Light,The Day Americans Learn The Truth...

Kennedy explains decision to refer Avenatti for FBI probe

Central Banks Are Frightened Right Now Of 1929 Narrative Shift:Bob Kudla

Bitcoin "Will Overthrow Fiat", Cardano Proof Of Stake Update & China "Sa...

Greg Hunter - Weekly News Wrap-Up 10.26.18

Caravans of Illegals Spell War: Onslaughts of Horror, Disease, Rape, Chi.ld Traffiking ..

Dinesh D'Souza on Migrant Caravan, Midterm Elections

The Time Is Now, Warnings, Confirmations, Prepare - Episode 1699a

Panic, The Deep State Projection In Full Force, Anons Know Why - Episode...

[10.24] Were the #FakeMailBombs a White Hat Operation?



Did Trump Just Lay Out The Plan To Get Rid Of The [Fed]? - Episode 1698a

Deep State Unleashes Everything They Have, Watch How Trump Uses It Again...

US economy about to collapse... & dollar's going down with it - Peter Sc...

Explosive Devices? Who Was Targeted? Who Benefits? (Bix Weir)


Moves And Countermoves,Truth Not Revealed, Breaking Down The Strategy - ...


It Begins, Remember Think Mirror - Episode 1696b

This Time It's Different, But Not The Way Everyone Thinks - Episode 1696a

Ripple SWIFT Speculation, BAT Price Explosion And Bitcoin Needs To Rise

What Is Ethereum? The Basics - For Beginners

The Economy Has Just Turned, & So Are Countries - Episode 1695a

World Peace?, Deep State Losing Control Of Narrative - Episode 1695b


Dave Janda - Deep State Lashing Out Because It Is Losing