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The Best of Health Room 2014 - Health Room

WNW 172-Islamic Terror Spreads West, Oil Price Plunge, Declining Economy | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

WNW 172-Islamic Terror Spreads West, Oil Price Plunge, Declining Economy | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog: "To make matters worse, the President was saying this week in an NPR interview that the oil price decline was a “strategy” against Russia.   Obama said, “. . . the only thing keeping that economy afloat was the price of oil.”  This is a stunning admission that the U.S. and its allies were manipulating the price of oil down, and it was to punish Russia over Ukraine.  This is nothing short of confirmation of government price manipulation of the biggest commodity on the planet and financial war against Russia.  Why would he do this?  The downside, here at home and abroad, is going to be enormous."

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If Your Not Part of the Solution, You are part of the Problem

Oil Derivatives Explode in Early 2015-Rob Kirby | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Oil Derivatives Explode in Early 2015-Rob Kirby | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog: "The financial elites are engineering the excuse for their next round of money printing . . .  and they will be confiscating money out of savings accounts and pension accounts.  That’s what I think is coming in the very near future.” "

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Chemtrails the secret war - YouTube

Chemtrails the secret war - YouTube:

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A new Italian film, Chemtrails: The secret war has been released showing a disturbing covert military agenda behind the sinister phenomenon, one that according to evidence presented includes far more than weather manipulation for “climate change.”

“Let’s stand up and defend our rights!” say Italian filmmakers Antonio and Rosario Marciano.

The Marcianos, of the Italian website Tanker Enemy ( have produced the documentary film, Chemtrails: the secret war (below) to show scientific evidence related to thechemtrails phenomenon. While much of the documentation has been presented in previous years by Professor Michel Chossudovsky, head of Global Research, no film captures the covert war against We the People as well as the Marcianos do.

“Weather manipulation is only one (collateral) aspect of this phenomenon,” say the Marcianos. “What is at stake is a covert military agenda.”

This HD documentary film is the first Italia…

Truth vs Lies and Lunatics

Cowspiracy: The REAL Inconvenient Truth

Get Ready for the Beast -

Get Ready for the Beast -

'via Blog this' Those of us who are vegan or vegetarian have had our fair share of veggie burgers, but this new product promises something different. First off, the Beast Burger has more protein and iron than beef, more omegas than salmon, and is chock-full of antioxidants. The burger is so seriously nutrient dense even ultramarathon champion Brendan Brazier, the founder of Vega, remarked: “I plan on using several a week.”

A Case For Spaying

Co-Founder Biz Stone of Twitter Is Vegan After Learning About Factory Farming


Veganuary: "A global campaign known as Veganuary asks people to make a New Year’s pledge to give up all meat, eggs and dairy for the entire month of January. The movement is the brainchild of British husband and wife team Matthew Glover and Jane Land. Inspired by Movember, a viral campaign that asks men to grow facial hair to raise awareness for men’s health issues, the couple said they decided to start something similar last year to encourage people to go vegan."

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