Stop the Trawler Campaign

Stop the Trawler Campaign:

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The two-year super trawler ban ends in November already! But there is an international fleet of freezer-factory trawlers on our doorstep and the industry is still trying to bring them into our waters. Sign the new petition and help convince Prime Minister Tony Abbott to permanently protect our marine life, fisheries and the future of our fishing, from all super trawlers!
Dear Prime Minister,
We call on the Australian Government to permanently ban super trawlers – large freezer factory trawlers - from Australian waters. 
Super trawlers are large freezer-factory fishing trawlers that threaten our unique marine life and fisheries, and the recreational fishing, commercial fishing and tourism industries that rely on these.
Super trawlers are part of a global problem that has led to the devastation of the world’s fisheries, marine life and local livelihoods, and we don’t want that kind of fishing in Australia.
We want fishing activities that ensure healthy oceans, sustainable employment for local fishermen, science based fisheries management, and no unwanted by-catch.

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