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I Discovered Something Beautiful Today - Eco's Dark Chocolate Coconut Milk

Squirrel Adopting Baby

We often underestimate the loving nature and intelligence of animals.... A female red squirrel adopting an orphan baby from an abandoned nest; although squirrels rarely interact, they learn who their nearby relatives are by hearing their unique calls. If they fail to hear a relative’s calls for a few days, they may investigate and rescue orphans.

List Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Companies That Don't Test On Animals | Global Animal

The 2014 Dirty Dozen Produce List | Zen Gardner

Humane animal treatment makes good business sense -

Humane animal treatment makes good business sense -

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the egg industry, most hens are kept in cages so small they can't spread their wings. Veal production often involves tightly confining calves for the duration of their short lives. Chickens raised for meat are genetically manipulated to "beef up" so fast that frequently their legs break under their own weight and their hearts fail. But it's perhaps the pork industry that models the worst practices when it comes to meeting society's expectations for responsible animal stewardship. Over the past several decades, the industry's leadership has encouraged farmers to resist traditional husbandry in favor of a system that defies what any typical person would consider decent. Nothing exemplifies this more than the gestation crate – a cage typically used to confine breeding pigs in a space so small that the animals are virtually immobilized day in and day out for four years. These …

Fukushima revisited with Miles O'Brien by BURN: An Energy Journal

Fukushima revisited with Miles O'Brien by BURN: An Energy Journal:

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Reports from journalist Miles O'Brien (Audio interview) who gets inside the plant at Fukushima and describes it , the steaming hot piles, the magnitude of the mess, the radiation even though he was heavily suited up and far enough from the steaming hot piles, the current status not one that inspires any comfort. The water is an issue, on a daily basis thousands of ground water passing through radioactive material and becomes toxic. They try to not allow it into the Pacific but eventually they will run out of space for they tanks they are trying to collect his water in and the fact that they will have to deal with this water , what will they do with this water, down the road.

Look Up Billboard campaign begins |

Look Up Billboard campaign begins |

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Award-winning filmmaker George Barnes stumbled across Climate Engineering by accident while testing time-lapse camera and went on to direct “Look Up!” a multi-award winning documentary film, narrated by William Baldwin.  With the help of philanthropic donations to SKYDER, a non-profit 501(c)4 dedicated to increasing public awareness about the dangers of unregulated geoengineering, and petitioning lawmakers for change.

Telling It Like It Is

Let's hang these little guys upside down screaming and slit their throats, then hack them into pieces while they're fully conscious. Oh wait, that would not be cool. So let's pay someone else to do it and to put the parts in neat little packages for us. - (what if people spoke more accurately?)

Petition | We demand the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) remove their control measures & threat to life of Sunshine the happiest goat & his herd, who live free on a vegan farm & animal sanctuary. |

In The End Only Kindness Matters

Are you a person who takes the spider from inside your house and puts it outside your house instead of killing it? If you are this says something about your level of compassion, your level of conscious awareness. We have been taught to be killers and with little compassion entitlement creeps in, abuse begins, excuses grow. Apathy grows and before you know it, bam!! we have a society like ours. The torture and abuse of millions of animals takes place behind closed doors and there is a big gap in the middle of when they end of on your plate, in your products, on your person, from the bleeding and suffering to this end stage. It is the responsibility of all to question what is going on and to make a choice for a kinder, gentler world.

Smoothie For One - Healthy Way To Start The Day

ginger to taste, half tablespoon --apple cider vinegar - a tablespoon --one cup of juice or water --one banana --one cup spinach --one cup of berries --then blend (make sure you build your smoothie in order listed above for a good smooth blend. btw...this smoothie tastes delicious and if berries from freezer nice and cold if not can freeze your banana or throw an ice cube in or freeze your juice in ice cube trays

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Raising Your Frequency .... or Not

When you are ready for change in your life, which will result in a change in frequency, this will be reflected in the foods you choose and consume. Ideally non GMO food (which are missing important nutritional value) and organic food, or animals treated with respect and reverence would be best for some (I know what your thinking, isn't this a vegan site?..bear with me) If you are raising your vibration you will not be drawn to animal foods, as this food has a low frequency, and even lower if the animals life was not a happy one or it experienced trauma upon death. This trauma and unhappiness is locked into the molecules and physical cells as all is connected, physical, emotional, etc, when you ingest an animal that has been traumatized, that experience is absorbed by your emotional body. This brings up the question of killing and I am reminded of a discussion I had with an abolitionist about animal welfare. I feel most people, if they knew the poor conditions of factory farms, wou…

Let The Death Culture Die

One way of pulling out support from the death culture and death dance is to put your focus in the opposite direction, in the direction of peace and harmony, and allowing the old ways to die. You can feel it in your body when you are in a state of discord, even if this came about from looking, talking, and acting against the disharmony, the many atrocities and chaos our world seems to generate more and more as it reaches a state of boiling rage. You will experience discomfort that is very different than feeling at peace when engaged with the darkness. When you feel discomfort you can redirect your energy to that which you want to experience instead of that which you want to oppose or stop. There is a price to being too entangled in activism and opposition, in resistance to what is, even if what is has a bad taste and ultimately a bad outcome. The foundation of the death culture, the greed and lack of coherence, the society we live with is dying on many fronts. Focus on the new, on what…

Instead of Earth Day What About Earths Animals Day

Instead of earth day what about earths animals day. What about letting all of them out of their cages, aquariums, predicaments. What about making a law to criminalize their exploitation and usage. What if soldiers fought a real war worth fighting. Mutiny is not mutiny if it is against those who are not the proper authorities, who have committed larceny. ................ WITH ALL DUE RESPECT: A Letter to the Military -------------- You are fighting wars for criminals. For Wall Street. For ‘men behind curtains’ so they can buy their 75th mansion, boat, plane, car, theme park. So they can continue their heroin trade and buy silence. You are not fighting for just causes anymore. As well meaning as you are you need to look at these things and fight for noble causes. You are not a traitor you are a hero, a light in a dark tunnel. You are counted in the millions, you are brave warriors, please fight for the right things, the noble things. You can do this, and your children deserve better…

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Bye Bye Blue Sky - Documentary by Patrick Pasin (English version - 30') - YouTube

Bye Bye Blue Sky - Documentary by Patrick Pasin (English version - 30') - YouTube: "."

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For more than 20 years, people all over the world, first in the USA and Canada, have noticed strange persistent trails in the sky done by airplanes. In the meantime, people are more and more ill (Alzheimer, cancer, autism, MS, etc.). It is the same with trees, plants and animals. Is there a link? Are there illegal sprayings in the sky of metallic particles (barium, aluminum, lithium...) and microorganisms? For what purpose(s)? 
The military, the scientists, the governments always reply that everything is normal and they don't do such things. Is it so sure? This documentary proves the contrary. Some information it reveals has since even been deleted by the French army. 
A travel from North America to Europe, Africa and Asia.

A Mothers Love (and its not even mothers day yet_

Animals Are Not Ours To Exploit, Torture or Murder

Animal Rights Activists in China are fighting for the lives of 3000+ dogs » DogHeirs | Where Dogs Are Family « Keywords: dog rescue, chongqing dog rescue, china animal law, 3/2 chongqing dog saving champaign

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All Lives Matter

Denying Them of Their Natural Lives ..... What is the Cost to You For Supporting This Denial?

5 Reasons To Go Vegan

I Am Because We Are

MIT Professor & US Experts: Japan “must act now to seal Fukushima reactors, before it’s too late” — Concern US to be affected by “explosions – a chain reaction, engulfing reactors one to four” — “Situation is dynamically degrading and unstable” — Aircraft can likely entomb plant in 6 months