Happiness Is Coming Home and Knowing Your Fur Baby is there to Greet You

But, if extremist fundamentalist vegans get their way, get laws made to ban all breeding there would be no fur baby to come home to, no dog, no cat. These extremists want all breeding banned and do not believe animals should be companions of humans. They should not be left in any human hands. Now, I hope this is the minority of them. Many who repeat the 'Adopt and Ban Breeding' mantra believe a pet is a good idea if it comes from a rescue shelter. Most do not believe in any breeding. One would ask then, where would their pet come from eventually? Would all pure-bred dogs go extinct, like other species extinction? Do they realize how many puppies dogs have left to their own natural cycles. I feel their mantra should be 'Spay and Neuter' first and foremost, get the governments on board and vets. This problem of many animals dying in shelters is a complex one, not just easily solved by banning all breeding. Plus, chanting that over and over is like putting the cart before the horse. I would even like to see them alter words to say, 'ban irresponsible breeding' or puppy mills, which they do advocate against, but, they paint all breeders with the same brush and I think it would be good to get the numerous responsible dog breeders on their side instead of attacking them as they do, those people who already love dogs, get them on side to lobby for free spay and neuter, as this is partly an economic problem, in these economically challenging times. Some people are irresponsible and don't believe in any spaying or neutering and some are uneducated as to the care of a dog or a cat and return it to the shelter at the first sign of trouble. Education would be nice. I always thought it would be nice if you had to pass some sort a test before anyone lets you lay your hand on a domestic pet, try to ferret out if you are a bastard or not. As to the word domestic, I come full circle to the view of those who don't think any animals should be domesticated but clearly, if you have ever lived and shared a home with a dog or a cat you see they get something out of the relationship, they have a reason for wanting to hang around you, and no, they would not all run away if they could, some of them can (unfenced yards), and no they are not just there for the food. I remember my mom telling me once that in England, during WW2, when the houses got bombed to smithereens, the cats would sit on the rubble for weeks. The happiness of coming home to your fur baby would be gone if the extremists got their way. There are other ways. There is common sense beyond blind spots. There are voices that look at things and see past the worn out mantras that are not working and are not practical. There are people who don't want to give their energy to enabling by continually adopting abused animals, or irresponsibly bred animals, or troubled animals, or diseased animals, and know if they all did this the problem would not really go away it would go on and on like a vicious cycle. We need real solutions, not idealistic extremist agendas with no practical steps in the middle. We need the happiness of coming home to our fur babies and they need us.

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