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Out of the Mouths of Babes

There Was An Original Design

There was an original design, plan, purpose for this Earth, this reality, but long time ago that original plan was subverted, abrogated and essentially changed and taken over. A completely different agenda is what you see all around now. The manipulation of the natural word and of humans and animals, by those who dominate, believe in ‘survival of the fittest’ and seek power and control over everyone and everything, has infected this design as a sort of virus. This original plan, design, purpose, for our beautiful diverse Earth, to live in peace and harmony, still exists, with many attempts made to keep the original plan on track, but unfortunately too many have fallen prey to this unhealthy virus. There are a few who stay true to the original design, but, as you can see by looking around this world, many do not. Too many have become too heartless, uncaring, lost, preoccupied and out right brainwashed to follow anything but the herd consumed with fear and selfish pursuits. Putting s…

Incredible Images From Scientific Software Show Giant Sinkhole In Sweden Keeps Expanding! -

Incredible Images From Scientific Software Show Giant Sinkhole In Sweden Keeps Expanding! - "It has to be added that there are many similar huge sinkholes across the world. ' Many of them have suddenly just appeared to the astonishment of the locals. This is a worldwide problem.


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New Report on Zoonotic Diseases Highlights Dire Consequences of Intensive Farming Practices... -- NEW YORK, May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --

New Report on Zoonotic Diseases Highlights Dire Consequences of Intensive Farming Practices... -- NEW YORK, May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --: "The report, Zoonotic Diseases, Human Health and Farm Animal Welfare, warns that the increasing tendency to rear animals in confined spaces, our growing consumption of animals reared in unsafe systems, and the increased industrialization of farming is putting human health at risk."

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3 Facts Everybody Should Know About Monsanto | Collective-Evolution

3 Facts Everybody Should Know About Monsanto | Collective-Evolution:

'via Blog this' ---Our governments have failed us, it is time now to fight for each other, the animals, nature, life, gather together and listen within, turn within, listen within, trust those who truly love you, those who do not have an agenda, those who are real, its time now, we are at the door, just look around at everything, not just the Monsanto issue, the erupting volcanoes around the world, the fictional economy not following sound mathematical principals, the march to war in the Middle East, the brewing virus's in China and Saudia Arabia, the increase in the magnitude of earthquakes, weird weather patterns, the illness in livestock, the sea creatures by the millions dead on beaches, the leaking nuclear radiation, the corruption, seed vaults, false flags, chemtrails, water issues. Eat whole foods with life in them not death. Find your soul within, become acquainted. You will need to. This situati…

Genetically Engineered Crops

Prelude to a water and economic crisis? |Comment |

Prelude to a water and economic crisis? |Comment |

'via Blog this' Steady deterioration of water bodies is one of the most pressing problems facing the world today. In Asia, degradation of water quality and the problems it spawns are so extensive and serious that they are threatening to harm economic growth and affect the health and quality of life of billions of people. China's high economic growth has had an adverse impact in terms of access, volume and quality of water as well as equity, management and investment requirements. While the magnitude of the water quality problem has steadily widened, planning, management and institutional capacities have not improved commensurately, and thus complicated matters further. Water scarcity and pollution of water sources are two of the most serious problems for China. Pollution has now spread from the coastal region to inland water bodies, affecting both surface water and groundwater. More than 53 billion ton…

She's Alive

It is said that in this point in our history and in time we are being watched. Many different kinds of ET’s are watching this event that is about to happen to the earth. Some are in ships around the earth. Some are watching, some are here to help. This is a major event in the universe and from what I understand, has never happened before having a whole planet move into a higher dimension as well as those beings on the planet that have a high enough vibration to make that shift. It is said that many souls have fought to be here in this time in earths history. Even if just for a few hours, it’s an honor to live during this time, beings have said. This of course relates to those who incarnate here during this time period. There is a coming shift where some of us will stay with this dimensional earth and some will go a new earth but which is part of a higher dimension. Those that meet a certain vibration or frequency, which you can think of as being related to our spiritual growth as …

Upheaval....It Has Begun

A MUST watch.... it has BEGUN, make sure to watch Part Two on youtube ( and this only covers April 2013, not all the stuff in May, like the big Oklahoma tornado yesterday) I just noticed there is a video by these same people for March as well, lots of stuff happened then too.

March 25th ... F...U Monsanto

Top 10 Poisons that are the legacy of Monsanto

Tunisia: Man dies from new coronavirus after visit to Saudi Arabia | CTV News

Tunisia: Man dies from new coronavirus after visit to Saudi Arabia | CTV News:

'via Blog this' The World Health Organization has issued a blunt assessment of the coronavirus outbreak in Saudi Arabia, acknowledging for the first time that there are concerns the virus may be spreading from person to person, at least in a limited way. The statement called for urgent investigations to find the source of the virus and learn how it is infecting people. And it reminded countries they have a duty to the international community to rapidly report cases and related information to the WHO. The worrying appraisal of the situation was echoed in a revised risk assessment issued Friday by the European Centre for Disease Control. It warned hospitals in Europe to be on the lookout for coronavirus cases coming in by air ambulance, saying the numbers of such patients may rise if the public in affected countries are afraid to seek care in their own hospitals. The warnings come as health leaders f…