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Linda Copping's Books and Publications Spotlight

Linda Copping's Books and Publications Spotlight:

'via Blog this' I finally finished a book I started in 2009 and its up on Leaving Oz is about a paradigm shift away from the 'consensus reality' all are born into, it is about the discovery of a different road, which can lead one beyond Oz. The popular fairy tale book 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz', written by L Frank Baum, who he said was really written by someone he called the 'Great Author', who uses the instrument at hand when needed, is more than it appears on the surface, providing hidden gems of information, as if speaking in code, for those with 'ears to hear' and 'eyes to see', those who are either travelling the road of yellow brick already, or those who are about to take this journey. Fairy tales and myth are indeed written in code to show a truth not told and expose a fiction passing as truth.

Merry Christmas ..... One year Anniversary of Vegan Well Blog

I started this blog one year ago today. I learnt a lot, cooked a lot, discovered a lot. Life is a moving river and I am liking the ride. Some great victory's in 2013 in the animal rights movement and raising awareness regarding animal suffering on this planet, I feel in 2014 we can make even greater strides. Health and happiness, love, peace and joy, to all for the coming days. A hug to all who have helped move this planet forward to that state. Check out the links on the right side of this site, great stuff at Planet Vegan and A Peaceful Planet.

Happy Caturday

14 year old cat Tiny,,

Happy Caturday (with a token Golden)

The power of.....

The power of ..... There is an individual known as Dr. Emoto of Japan who has done much work with water. He takes microscopic photos of the crystalline structures of water and has shown how certain waters are unstructured, the crystalline structures deformed and deconstructed- often water that is polluted, water that is close to a nuclear plant, water that has had discordance directed at it, such as an individual swearing at water, or discordant music played at water- will destroy the structure of the water molecules. Interestingly enough, when that same water is taken and positive energies directed towards it such as the feeling of love and gratitude, peace and harmony, the water's structure can be restructured and the crystals that are produced are radically different than the original crystals initially photographed. Taking this to another level, water that is blessed, water that comes from a place of great beauty, tranquility and balance, often shows more magnificent crystall…

Vegan Diet Impact: Beyond the Body

Vegan Diet Impact: Beyond the Body:

'via Blog this'

from Joan Landino's blog...For many, the choice to become vegan is apersonal one, fueled by health or ethical reasons. But vegans now have something else to celebrate – experts are now saying that the vegan impact, even part-time veganism, is perhaps one of the most beneficial decisions we can make toward curbing the rising dangers of global climate change and food more at link

Your tax dollars are wasted on governmental raids against organic food producers while World Food Prize goes to Monsanto and Syngenta who poison everything that you eat. Also, scientists say that there is no scientific consensus on the safety of GMOs and ‘yes on 522’ needs your support

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Arming oneself ....some random thoughts

With the ever increasing news of radiation from the Fukushima situation I have read that pumpkin seeds can help reduce radiation within the system. Chia seeds also, and rice, but pumpkin seeds are the best. Also tamari sauce can reduce radioactivity in a person's body, and also kelp or any form of seaweed type food can be helpful in reducing radioactivity in the body, although, the seafood now may have increasing amounts of radiation in them. When looked at from a higher perspective the earth does appear to be a kind of insane asylum, wherein many entities of different psychological natures are put together to work out karma and to work out differences so that they can better communicate and overcome their particular problems, by the reflection they get from each other. And just as survival is paramount in prison or the insane asylum, it is here as well. It's kind of like a video game where you dodge dangerous spiders and attacks from various things and try to make it safely …

You Get to Choose

Remember that old tv show where you had to pick a door. There was door number one, door number two and door number three. Life is like that, we choose over and over, everyday. Building our little world and the big world at large. But sometimes a final pick comes along. Fractal theory and quantum physics illustrate the potential for parallel realities, many avenues of expression, roads taken, and not taken. If you ever had to take data processing or understand the logic branches of a fractal design you will see when you go far enough down one road, chose one door, other boxes, roads, doors are closed. Turning around and finding your way back is not always easy when other factors are happening at the same time, when timelines are splitting out from one another, when universal clock works are near the midnight of major shifts. Now is such a time. No its not 2012 and the Mayan calendar. It’s not a single day, its a time period, an orb of influence. Like a radio dial plays different ch…

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Vegan Toasted Coconut Cake - - Recipes, desserts and tips

Vegan Toasted Coconut Cake - - Recipes, desserts and tips:

'via Blog this' Coconut is one of my favorite ingredients due to its neutral flavors that add richness to almost anything. Coconut contains flavor compounds called lactones that are among the same flavor compounds that give traditional dairy cream its trademark creamy flavor. And we all wondered why coconut and cream went together so well! In this Toasted Coconut Cake I wanted to maximize these layers of coconut and cream for a truly decadent cake.