Who are the humans who work at these factory farms and are they human?

You who club, torture, brutalize and even seem to relish the constant pain you inflict on innocent animals in your blood soaked clothes...I want to meet you, see who you are. Do you go to church on Sunday, do you have children, do you have pets, companion animals, that I highly doubt and if you do have pets do you mistreat them too? Who the hell are you. I would like it if you were arrested and that is coming sooner than you think. You are an abomination. Leave your jobs now while you still have time to walk away. Not that I care one iota about you, not at all. Your time is coming to an end in more ways than one. Even the UN says there will be mass starvation on Earth by 2050 if all people do not go vegan. Some humans are stupid, gutless, insane, but you are the worst things on this planet, and calling you things is all I can come up with because you are not human. You have no heart. You cannot be called human. You have no soul. What are you? What kind of a creation are you? I have watched these videos of your crimes, we see you, see what you do, hourly, every second, for days, weeks, months, years, we see you and you are not fooling anyone. The clock is ticking toward your demise and it cannot tick fast enough. Let's hear it for the meek inheriting the Earth, for it will not be you because you are a disease, a plague upon creation, a plight, an eye sore, a waste. You will not be missed.

Please everyone watch the videos, the shocking videos of the blatant cruelty and know some of the people who do this are your relatives, friends, people living next door. A cancer on this planet.  Help me put them out of work, stop them in their tracks from the torture of innocent animals, become vegan even for a year, once you do you will never turn back because you will feel better about yourself, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually and you will be proud you stoop up against the horror and criminal activites against our animal nations. Act NOW. 

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