Where do you draw the line, and why even draw a line?

Do you love your domestic pets. Do you love your children. Why do you draw the line and not hold all life sacred? Animals, all of them, are from different nations, different species. They have relationships, joy, know pain and suffereing. How can anyone draw the line and why even draw one. Holding all sentient life sacred, doing no harm, is living balanced, peaceful and healthy lives and in harmony and greater diversity of the community of creation and all its beauty. There are no lines to be drawn, live in unity consciousness and no lines form, just appreciation for the diversity without the predatory need to exploint, harm and cause yourself much harm in the process. There is a way to have it all, to live happy, healthy and joyful lives. And there is the status quo we live with now, the 'consensus reality' where eating animals and drinking or eating dairy products, and wearing animals, experimenting on animals, is as normal as drinking water daily or breathing air. And we wonder why we have so much disease, violence, environmental destruction, depression, anger, opposition, and war. Eating and drinking violence and abject cruelty every single day, of couse we have all these condition. How could it be otherwise? You are what you eat. Drawing lines only creates seperation and excuses to act in seperate fragmented ways, with the consequence of disease, disorder and dispair. Look around at our world? Then watch any one of the videos that show billions of animals mistreated every single hour in the hell hole factory farms we accept and allow. Yes, there is a demand and if you are one, just one of the people creating this demand, you are part of the problem. No half measures, no animal welfare, or going vegetarian, just stop drawing a line. Embrace these animals as your brothes and sisters in the diversity of creation and be free. You will never look back and you will grow healthy along the way, physically, emotionally, mentally and most important, spiritually. Become a vegan today.

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