When it Comes to Diet We Are The Dumbest Species On This Planet

More than 75% of the world is lactose intolerant yet milk farms are heavily subsidized. According to Environmental Working Group, from USDA subsidies, more than 245.2 billion dollars was given by the governments between 1995 to 2009. Why? Guess the governments have to keep making money for the dairy industry even though humans are the only animal in the world that drink milk after infancy. Humans mothers milk is miraculous stuff but as we grow from the baby stage our bodies adapt to other nutrients. As we mature it is normal to be lactose intolerant actually. We lose a certain enzyme that makes this so. Some reports show 90% of Americans are lactose intolerant and yet, because of marketing and fear, families are encouraged to drink milk, and eat other dairy products. The dairy industry even injects the enzyme we are naturally meant to lose, into the milk, to try and sell more but this is highly unnatural to the body. Because of lobby groups like agro-business getting huge subsidies and disinformation about what our bodies need people don't listen to what their bodies are saying and have lactose intolerant attacks when they stupidly continue consuming something their body is clearly telling them to stop! These attacks are mild compared to the link with prostate and ovarian cancer and heart disease from drinking the milk that belongs to another animal. Guess nature has a way of righting things. Maybe there is a god after all. Milk and dairy make the body acidic and your body is not meant to be acidic, this is a breeding ground for disease, it is meant to be alkaline, so when the ph level goes to the acidic side to heavily, we get sick, sooner or later. People ridicule and laugh sometimes at those who drink soy milk and say it is fake, or made of nothing substantial. It is made of plant life, so is oat milk, rice milk, almond milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, all delicious, all safe, none causing lactose intolerance. The number one cause of food allergies of children in our modern society is milk, yet we push it on them. Dairy animals suffer for a longer period of time in the hell hole factory farms, they live longer. Give up milk today. Please. It is addictive because of something called casomorphins, peptides or protein fragments, derived from the digestion of milk and casein which has also been proven by science to be addictive. Not only is society brainwashed about milk being good for them when its not, we are hooked on it. I love all the milks from plants, especially coconut and almond but they all have different uses and provide a great variety for cooking needs and baking. Try them, get use to cooking with them, and know you are not part of the pain caused to mother cows and their children. How they are treated is below inhumane. I wish the governments would start putting pictures of mistreated animals on the cover of milk and dairy products the way they put a bleeding stomach or black lungs on a cigarette pack. In reality, not eating a vegan diet it is more dangerous, more harmful on a planetary, spiritual and environmental level. The human cost from ill health is secondary.

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