Welfare Reform for Animals is NOT the Way to Go

Forget about half measures you can't be an ethical carnivore. Choosing new welfare for animals over veganism is still part of the problem because factory farming will loom over every choice of this half measure. If you cannot respect life and think you have to kill to eat, which you don't, you have not done what needs to be done to live on a sane planet with rights for all. I don't want to hear about backyard chickens, or weaning off this or that, just have reverence for life. End the war on animals. The problem with these alternative new welfare systems is one of ethics. You still think it is ok to kill. Factory farms are horrible, daily torture, it is our most critical issue to face but a mini step is not needed. Go all the way. Life is sacred, all life, not just some. Vegans do no harm and do not see animals as a commodity to be used in any way. This is where we must go as a populous. We will never raise our vibrations to higher states thinking about slaughter of any kind in any form. These half measure movements for welfare reform for animals are just a rationalization to continue killing. To not give up the addiction of the taste of blood you are addicted to for whatever reason is still an addiction and an unhealthy one at that. Go ahead eat your happy meat and think you are so evolved for buying it from a local farmer where the pig got to roam in the field until it was slaughtered, you are not evolved, you are stuck. Until you have sacredness for life you lag behind and stagnate spiritually on a wheel and in quick sand, ever repeating acts of heathenism. If anything, knowing the animals you slaughter or the local farmer you visit, puts you in a place closer to that animal in a relationship which should garner respect and reverence for life. Animals are not your property, not even domestic pets. How about cooking them up in a pot, appalled? How are your pets different than other animals? It has been proven that pigs are actually smarter than dogs. Keeping up the demand for animal meat even from local farms, even if you have to pay more, is still part of the problem of using animals as a commodity and not having any respect and sacredness for life. These new ways of producing meat is a small movement that is growing and they will become more popular if people still have a blood lust for killing and eating animals. If these new ways become more and more popular we will see half measures and cost cutting and 'wham bam thank you mam' we are back to factory farming. Just stop eating meat. Respect animals. Respect these species that are different than us. We have already proven we don't need to eat them. In fact, there are so many studies out now that say eating them is a detriment to our health. We have been lied to, big surprise. Just another of the many big lies. Talk is cheap so is advertising and propaganda and money to buy all this disinformation and shove it down our throats. Question everything, have discernment, don't believe something with a skewed agenda. Use your gut, your feeling capacity, get in touch with this part of what it is to be human and you will not ever use animals for eating, wearing, drinking, experimenting on, and on, and on. We must change. This is the next evolutionary step for humankind. We are in danger of losing our humanity and veganism has a real strength in getting us back on track to morality and compassion and what it means to be an enlightened being. It's a question of advancing, of morality, of getting out of the dung heap of a superiority complex and arguement and all excuses are lame. There has been a disconnect in your brain somehow so reconnect. Look into an animals eyes, the answer lies there.  

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