Stop Animal Abuse - YouTube

Stop Animal Abuse - YouTube: "This video was made to explain the importance of animal abuse and how it is. It brings you inside the depths of factory farms, fur farms, dolphin slaughter, shark finning, whaling, circuses, seal clubbing, dog fighting, animal testing, strays, puppy mills, leather and UGGs.

All of the these are disgusting and cruel industries that need to be stopped.

Animals are crying behind these closed doors, they scream and wail and ask us for help, and yet we choose to ignore them. We close our eyes and ears and shun the things that need our help the most. All I am asking is that we open our eyes, ears, and most importantly, our hearts to the poor animals that we sometimes even call our best friends.

Behind closed doors, they cry and scream for us. It's time that we answer their calls.

Be a Guardian Angel for an Animal.

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