Pigs in Warehouse

This is how the Pigs live here is a picture of their warehouse home they never get out or move until they get taken to slaughter how nice

Hard to believe that I made it to age 57 without ever actually thinking about not eating animals. Yes, I had heard the terms “Vegetarian” and “Vegan” but never really thought about not eating animals or their secretions. My wife was quickly as adamant as I am. Our children initially laughed, “My parents are vegans.” They went from laughing to vigorously supporting.
While I now love reading news stories about [specific animals rescued], I have concluded that the strategy of Vegan Outreach is calculated to have the greatest impact in reducing the suffering of the largest number of animals. If we cannot end all of the suffering right now, what other goal makes sense?
I graduated from Lehigh University in 1976 and Rutgers Law School in 1980. I truly believe now that if someone had handed me a booklet back then, while I was a student, with the information that Vegan Outreach is now putting out there, I would have stopped eating animals immediately and forever. We cannot turn back the clock, but can work for a better future!
—ML, 12/27/12