People Power

People have power to change things on a massive scale, each individual has enormous power, and together we change paradigms, worlds, deplorable conditions. We speak with our dollar, when we buy we speak. We speak every single day to other humans. We can let them know what is going on, how many billions of animals a year or tortured for food consumption in the meat and dairy industry. We can start a blog and be heard on the internet. There are no more excuses or playing the blame game, the wasted finger pointing at government and 'the bad' guy of your choice. You look in the mirror. You have power to change things. People have power in numbers. Millions, billions are supporting cruelty to animals right now, as they also cause environmental damage and species extinction, ill health for humans, promotion of more violence in the entertainment industry, in the home, on our roads, just by their dietary choices, how they speak with their dollar, how they interact with others, what they spend their time doing. Three meals or four meals a day you are eating the pleas of helpless caged animals when you consume meat and dairy. Animals are so poorly treated and tortured in dairy and meat factory farming practices this poison you consume can not be other wise, not to mention the hormones and antibiotics and a plethora of other crap they pump in to the sick, diseased, sad, caged and unhealthy animals in the millions of millions of factory farms around the world. You are eating torture. It's not even about slaughter it is about the daily, hourly atrocity that goes on right under our nose, only most people are not aware of it fully. It is not broadcast on tv but I urge you to watch even one quarter of one video showing what goes on inside these hell holes. Go to you tube, surf the net the information is there. No more rationalizations, excuses, arguments. There is no argument for repeated torture and blatant cruelty. People have the power, lets hit em' with the numbers. This darkness could change quickly if we act responsibly. Become a vegan. That is a first step and a very important one. Vote with your dollar.  There are super athletes that are vegan, dogs do better on a vegan diet, followed over a ten year period, than vegetarian dogs, they do 95% better as far as health than meat eating dogs while vegetarian dogs do 77% better. The information is all there. Vegetarians are lumped in with Vegans but just giving up meat is not enough. The dairy industry is an atrocity, so is the egg production, even so called free range. Do your own research, there are no more reasons to continue down this road of exploitation, cruelty and abuse. It can be done, it has been done, there are approximately 168 million Vegans in our world. That's not enough though. Not for the billions of animals in pain every hour of every day until they get slaughtered. Let's shut down factory farming and dairy farming!!! We can do it. We must do it. We face massive starvation by continuing down this road according to the UN and scientific research, we have starvation and environmental issues already, we must act now. People have the power, power to the people.

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