News Flash!!

Disregard for farmed animals persists becasue few people realize the ways in which these individual creatures are mistreated and even fewer actually witness the abuse. Once you watch just one video you will be appalled. You will not want to continue supporting this brutality by eating meat or consuming dairy products, or using animals in any way by exploiting them. Disregard for these animals exists and persists because there is a demand, but if you knew, if you saw, if you could stomach what is really going on to put those packages and cartons on your grocery stores you would say to yourself a great injustice is going on, becasue anyone who is opposed to injustice in the world, would pause and should pause and think about the fact that humanity breeds, confines, mistreates and killis billions of animals on an annual basis just so they can eat them because it taste's good. So would human flesh taste good with a few spices and cooked to perfection. That does not make it right. All you activists for different causes, like native rights, peace, equality, environmental issues, occupy movements, etc, here is a NEWS FLASH.....this animal torture and mistreatment is CRITICAL and is the most important issue that can solve much of what you see wrong in the world. Get on board, focus on the biggest issue we have. Turn your activism towards a cause that is critical, give your energy to these poor innocent victims who are suffering hourly. There is no greater cause on this planet right now.  There is no greater travesty. There is no greater action you can take individually to address many of this worlds problems by choosing to go vegan. Please do it now. If you call yourself spiritual, do it now. If you campaign against injustice do it now. If you complain about the world or your own issues do it now. If you have issues about how bad things are or how you feel rotten, depressed, tired, do it now. Go vegan. Even if you have no issues and have adjusted to a world that tortures billions of animals in deplorable conditions and you happily go about your life, please educate yourself, you will be saving more than yourself, you will be making a difference. The clock is ticking as we move toward starvation and the collapse of modern society. If it comes to that, at least the animals will be out of their misery.