Change Your Perception

The killing, torture, unhealthy habits, disease, brutality, inhumanity, disconnection, spiritual bankruptcy, disrespect, it does not have to happen, it is a story the majority have been taught and believe in and it is a very costly one. Lose, lose, lose, that's what it is. Please educate yourselves, in doing this, I hope you will change your perception, believe a different story, one more wholesome, compassionate and liberating. You have been lied to, brainwashed, taught a predatory heartless way. It is way to oblivion. The writing is already on the wall, the signs are all around. This heartless way fosters disease and devolution not evolution. Please change your perception about what is on your plate, what you are eating, how it is treated, where it comes from, how it is the same as your pets, how it is an Earthling too, with feelings, joys, needs, sharing this planet. It is packaged in colourful wrappings on the grocery store shelves but it is tainted bloody torture and disease, how could it be good for you, for your body, in any way. It's not. New scientific studies prove this. Most humans have a compassionate side but it seems it is being phased out of us, as we are herded, directed down a dark road that is unnatural. We have been taught to indulge in what this 'consensus reality' believes is as normal as breathing and its not, its killing us, the planet and any spiritual shred of dignity we had. We create this 'consensus reality' this paradigm we support it, believe, keep it running.We have been taught a blatant lie. The sins of the fathers are visited on the children and repeated generation after generation.We suffer because of it and so does mother Earth, but mostly, the animals carry the burden of tremendous suffering in cruel cramped unhealthy prisons, then they end up on our plate with a sprig of parsley. A lifeless, tortured, traumatized corpse that we like to eat. It will lose all its attraction and flavour when you open your eyes and see how it is really kept, produced and how it endures horrible hourly torture. Be brave enough to look, watch a video, not just a cartoon either. Watch long enough to change your perception even if it only takes a minute or two. Make the connection. Please help these animals. Speak out against this injustice become a vegan. There is no such thing as humane killing. Welfare reform is not the answer. Change your perception about these Earthlings, these animals, that share the planet with you. Do not sugar coat it, go willy nilly,  move weakly, with half measures, in the direction of compassion, love, of finding your heart, go bravely, go quickly. Go all the way. Speak with your actions, with your money. Change your perception, unlearn what garbage you have been taught. Open your eyes, wake up.

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