Calling All Vegetarians and Pet People

Vegetarians and pet people, please hear me out. You are people who could make the step to become vegan. Vegetarians must know about the crimes of the dairy industry, the cruelty to animals, if not, read some articles on this blog or other blogs. You are almost there but you need to make that last step to help these millions of animals. Pet people, with dogs, cats, ferrets, etc, you must love your pet, can you draw a line between them and all the pigs, cows, chickens, sheep and other animals? They are of a different nation than humans just like domestic pets, and all the sea creatures. If you saw what goes on in these factory farms you would be appalled I hope. Animals are being treated with abject cruelty, disregard with not a speck of reverence. This is a critical situation and I am asking for your help. If we get the vegetarians on board and the pet owners with vegans we would have a larger voice and that is what we dearly need right now.

The animals in these stinking hell holes need our help, they need our humanity, they are crying out. Dairy farming is cruel so just being a vegetarian is not enough. Loving pet owners, imagine your beloved pet in a cage not able to turn around for years and years, pumped with unhealthy chemicals on cold concrete floors with your own kind moaning and crying all around you and with angry sick humans beating and even smiling at your misery. Watch the videos, this is what is happening. Thank you to the brave souls who have managed to get some of this video footage. It makes me sick and it has changed my life. It makes me ashamed to live on this planet. This is CRITICAL, it probably has been for many, many years, but I just found out about it and I am incensed. I ask with all my heart and soul, body and mind, for your help. Please go vegan.

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