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Stop Animal Abuse - YouTube

Stop Animal Abuse - YouTube: "This video was made to explain the importance of animal abuse and how it is. It brings you inside the depths of factory farms, fur farms, dolphin slaughter, shark finning, whaling, circuses, seal clubbing, dog fighting, animal testing, strays, puppy mills, leather and UGGs.

All of the these are disgusting and cruel industries that need to be stopped.

Animals are crying behind these closed doors, they scream and wail and ask us for help, and yet we choose to ignore them. We close our eyes and ears and shun the things that need our help the most. All I am asking is that we open our eyes, ears, and most importantly, our hearts to the poor animals that we sometimes even call our best friends.

Behind closed doors, they cry and scream for us. It's time that we answer their calls.

Be a Guardian Angel for an Animal.

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Ontario Livestock charged with animal cruelty after hidden video surfaces - YouTube

Ontario Livestock charged with animal cruelty after hidden video surfaces - YouTube:

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ONTARIO, Calif. (KABC) -- An animal rights group said it went undercover and caught workers at a local auction house beating livestock.

An undercover video shows animals being kicked, dragged and thrown into pins by workers at Ontario Livestock Sales in Ontario. The group Mercy for Animals said some of the animals, allegedly too ill to stand, were left to slowly die of injury or disease without veterinary care.

"This is some of the most egregious and sadistic abuse that I've seen in the 10 years of doing investigative work at farm animal facilities," said Nathan Runkle, executive director of Los Angeles-based Mercy for Animals.

Mercy for Animals said they shot the disturbing images during a seven-week undercover operation. The auction house readies animals for sale, many of which are sold for food.

In one shot, an employee stomps on the backs of pigs to prod them. In a…

Horrors of a turkey farm - YouTube

Horrors of a turkey farm - YouTube: "PETA has released video and info from an undercover investigation from Sept-Nov 08. The hell these animals live, and die, through is disgusting, and intolerable! How's that Thanksgiving turkey tasting about now?

UPDATE: For the first time in HISTORY, 19 workers caught on video are charged with FELONY animal cruelty on a factory farm. It's made history! Score one for the animals!!!! Thanks to PETA, or we never would've seen this day!!!!"

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Caged Cruelty - The Monkey Farms of Laos - YouTube

Caged Cruelty - The Monkey Farms of Laos - YouTube: "A BUAV investigation reveals shocking conditions at facilities in Laos, that supply monkeys for experiments.

The cruel trade in monkeys for the international research industry involves thousands of monkeys incarcerated in overcrowded and barren cages in breeding farms across Laos.

Monkeys were found dead in their pens, others were severely emaciated and suffering hair loss and injuries. "

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The Reality of Factory Farming - feat. Darren Cordeux (Kisschasy) - YouTube

The Reality of Factory Farming - feat. Darren Cordeux (Kisschasy) - YouTube: "Most people are unaware that most animals raised in Australia (some 500 million) are denied the legal protection afforded to dogs and cats. That means that if you were to cut off your dog's tail without anaesthetic, you could be prosecuted for animal cruelty—but if a pig farmer does the same thing to a pig, it's just part of business. Animal cruelty has become big business, and it's up to us and those who care about animals to end the suffering by exposing the truth."

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Transportation of Farm Animals Investigation - YouTube

Transportation of Farm Animals Investigation - YouTube: "This is a video of a 2005 investigation of a US farm animal transportation done by Compassion Over Killing. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. Animals being transported to slaughterhouses are crammed tightly into trucks, and travel for more than 28 hours without food, water or rest. They are exposed to harsh weather, and die from heat exhaustion or freeze to death -- often being frozen to the side of the truck -- before even making it to the slaughterhouse. These animals are treated as nothing more than money gaining products from the time they are born, during transport, and when they are slaughtered. They have done harm to no one, and yet are given no mercy. Go to and to learn more about animals who are raised for food and the best way you can help them."

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New England Egg Farm Investigation - YouTube

New England Egg Farm Investigation - YouTube: "A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation reveals shocking abuse at New Englands largest egg factory farm - Quality Egg of New England (QENE) in Turner, Maine. The hidden camera video shot in early 2009 gives a startling glimpse behind the closed doors of one of the nations leading egg producers, exposing the rotten truth behind battery cage egg production heinous cruelty to animals.

The findings of MFA's newest investigation are similar to those documented at numerous egg farms across the country in recent years - illustrating that animal neglect and abuse are the egg industry standard, not the exception.

Thankfully, consumers hold enormous power in ending the exploitation of egg-laying hens. Every time we sit down to eat we can choose kindness over cruelty by adopting a vegan diet."

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10 Billion Lives - YouTube

10 Billion Lives - YouTube: "In partnership with Farm Animal Rights Movement (F.A.R.M.), Veracity Films created this video to show the horrors and cruelty of the meat, egg, and dairy industries. Over 10 Billion farmed animals are killed each year for food, in the U.S. alone. Let's stop animal abuse! By going vegan, you can save up to 100 animals per year! And the benefits don't stop there! For more info, go to"

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What We Can Do To End World Hunger by EVOLVE! Campaigns - YouTube

What We Can Do To End World Hunger by EVOLVE! Campaigns - YouTube: "Meat-eating societies are the main cause of world hunger because they feed a disproportionate percentage of the world's crops to 60 billion land animals annually killed by the meat, dairy and egg industries worldwide, and tens of billions of marine animals... instead of the 6.5 billion people on the planet.

One acre of land can yield 30,000 pounds of carrots, 40,000 pounds of potatoes or 50,000 pounds of tomatoes. However, one acre of land can yield only 250 pounds of meat. Why? Because depending on the animal in question, it takes from three to twenty pounds of vegetable protein to create just one pound of animal protein. and"

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'Wilbur' the Pig from Charlotte's Web: What Happened Next? - YouTube

'Wilbur' the Pig from Charlotte's Web: What Happened Next? - YouTube: "Pigs are affectionate, protective, playful, intelligent and social animals who suffer tremendously within intensive farming systems. Animals Australia ( had the wonderful opportunity to be involved in the rehoming of the forty-two piglets who played 'Wilbur' in Paramount Pictures' feature film, Charlotte's Web.

"[Pigs] have the cognitive ability to be quite sophisticated. Even more so than dogs and certainly three-year-olds." ~Professor Donald Broom of Cambridge University Veterinary School

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The Dairy Cow: The Most Overworked Mother On The Planet by EVOLVE! Campaigns - YouTube

The Dairy Cow: The Most Overworked Mother On The Planet by EVOLVE! Campaigns - YouTube: "The dairy cow normally has her first calf at the age of two when she will be producing around 35 litres of milk a day. In subsequent lactations this figure rises even higher. She will continue to be milked for 10 months - but will be made pregnant again in the third month. Professor John Webster, Department of Animal Husbandry, Bristol "

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On the killing floor, the pigs’ throats will be cut open, often while they are still completely conscious and struggling to escape. . . .
On the killing floor, the pigs’ throats will be cut open, often while they are still completely conscious and struggling to escape. . . .Many are still alive when they reach the scalding hair-removal water bath where they are scalded to death.
more than 100,000 pigs die in transport each year, and more than 400,000 are crippled by the time they arrive at the slaughterhouse

Most people never see pigs who are raised for food—aside from the occasional glimpses of them as they go by on the transport trucks. This is because 97 percent of pigs in America today spend their entire lives confined on factory farms. While the transport conditions are cruel, they are merely a small part of a hideous existence for these animals.
pigs are confined for six years at a time and “packed in so tight, their guts actually pop out their butts—a little softball of guts actually comes out.
On 2012-12-26, at 9:47 AM, "Kate Hendrickson (PETA Foundation)" <> wrote: Dear Diana,
We share your concern about cruel gestation crates. Nearly 6 million pregnant or nursing pigs in the United States are currently imprisoned in these tiny, filthy, barren enclosures—often for up to six years—which are designed to make it impossible for them to move at all during pregnancy and nursing. Because of the overwhelming proof that pigs suffer greatly from this intense confinement and deprivation, the use of these crates has already been banned in the European Union and in Florida, Arizona, and California.
Most people never see pigs who are raised for food—aside from the occasional glimpses of them as they go by on the transport trucks. This is because 97 percent of pigs in America today spend their entire lives …

Pigs in Warehouse

This is how the Pigs live here is a picture of their warehouse home they never get out or move until they get taken to slaughter how nice

Hard to believe that I made it to age 57 without ever actually thinking about not eating animals. Yes, I had heard the terms “Vegetarian” and “Vegan” but never really thought about not eating animals or their secretions. My wife was quickly as adamant as I am. Our children initially laughed, “My parents are vegans.” They went from laughing to vigorously supporting. While I now love reading news stories about [specific animals rescued], I have concluded that the strategy of Vegan Outreach is calculated to have the greatest impact in reducing the suffering of the largest number of animals. If we cannot end all of the suffering right now, what other goal makes sense? I graduated from Lehigh University in 1976 and Rutgers Law School in 1980. I truly believe now that if someone had handed me a booklet back then, while I was a student, with the informatio…

How Is It Extreme?

People call vegans extreme
how is it extreme to not eat an animal with bread stuffed up its ass how is it extreme to not eat a hens period how is it extreme to not eat a dead carcass that has to be dressed up with spices and plant products to even make it appetizing how is it extreme to not take milk from another animal and force her to lactate when she does not need to how is it extreme to eat plants that do not have a nervous system and not eat other Earthlings that have, eyes, nose, heart, brain how is it extreme to not eat an animal that is more intelligent than a dog how is it extreme to not want to torture or turn a blind eye to the daily, hourly, life of cruelty inflicted how is it extreme to want to care about ones health, starvation of other humans, disease in other humans, environmental degradation of our planet how is it extreme to care about suffering on any scale of any living being how is it extreme to want to pull back the curtain on the atrocities to our most innocent…

When it Comes to Diet We Are The Dumbest Species On This Planet

More than 75% of the world is lactose intolerant yet milk farms are heavily subsidized. According to Environmental Working Group, from USDA subsidies, more than 245.2 billion dollars was given by the governments between 1995 to 2009. Why? Guess the governments have to keep making money for the dairy industry even though humans are the only animal in the world that drink milk after infancy. Humans mothers milk is miraculous stuff but as we grow from the baby stage our bodies adapt to other nutrients. As we mature it is normal to be lactose intolerant actually. We lose a certain enzyme that makes this so. Some reports show 90% of Americans are lactose intolerant and yet, because of marketing and fear, families are encouraged to drink milk, and eat other dairy products. The dairy industry even injects the enzyme we are naturally meant to lose, into the milk, to try and sell more but this is highly unnatural to the body. Because of lobby groups like agro-business getting huge subsidies a…

Change Your Perception

The killing, torture, unhealthy habits, disease, brutality, inhumanity, disconnection, spiritual bankruptcy, disrespect, it does not have to happen, it is a story the majority have been taught and believe in and it is a very costly one. Lose, lose, lose, that's what it is. Please educate yourselves, in doing this, I hope you will change your perception, believe a different story, one more wholesome, compassionate and liberating. You have been lied to, brainwashed, taught a predatory heartless way. It is way to oblivion. The writing is already on the wall, the signs are all around. This heartless way fosters disease and devolution not evolution. Please change your perception about what is on your plate, what you are eating, how it is treated, where it comes from, how it is the same as your pets, how it is an Earthling too, with feelings, joys, needs, sharing this planet. It is packaged in colourful wrappings on the grocery store shelves but it is tainted bloody torture and disease,…

Welfare Reform for Animals is NOT the Way to Go

Forget about half measures you can't be an ethical carnivore. Choosing new welfare for animals over veganism is still part of the problem because factory farming will loom over every choice of this half measure. If you cannot respect life and think you have to kill to eat, which you don't, you have not done what needs to be done to live on a sane planet with rights for all. I don't want to hear about backyard chickens, or weaning off this or that, just have reverence for life. End the war on animals. The problem with these alternative new welfare systems is one of ethics. You still think it is ok to kill. Factory farms are horrible, daily torture, it is our most critical issue to face but a mini step is not needed. Go all the way. Life is sacred, all life, not just some. Vegans do no harm and do not see animals as a commodity to be used in any way. This is where we must go as a populous. We will never raise our vibrations to higher states thinking about slaughter of any k…

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Do You Care?

If you care about animals go vegan. If you care about yourself go vegan. If you care about other humans go vegan. If you care about mother Earth and the environment go vegan. If you care about being healthy and disease free go vegan. If you care about your children, grand children and great grand children go vegan. If you care about life go vegan. There is more than enough food in the world to feed the entire human population. So why are more than a billion people still going hungry? Our meat-based diet is largely to blame. We funnel huge amounts of grain, soybeans, and corn through all the animals we use for food instead of feeding starving humans. If we stopped intensively breeding farmed animals and grew crops to feed humans instead, we could easily feed everyone on the planet with healthy and affordable foods.
Do you care? Is tasting milk, eating cheese and eating meat, more important than all that? Are you that gluttonous? Are you that stupid? Are you that insensitive? We face …

News Flash!!

Disregard for farmed animals persists becasue few people realize the ways in which these individual creatures are mistreated and even fewer actually witness the abuse. Once you watch just one video you will be appalled. You will not want to continue supporting this brutality by eating meat or consuming dairy products, or using animals in any way by exploiting them. Disregard for these animals exists and persists because there is a demand, but if you knew, if you saw, if you could stomach what is really going on to put those packages and cartons on your grocery stores you would say to yourself a great injustice is going on, becasue anyone who is opposed to injustice in the world, would pause and should pause and think about the fact that humanity breeds, confines, mistreates and killis billions of animals on an annual basis just so they can eat them because it taste's good. So would human flesh taste good with a few spices and cooked to perfection. That does not make it right. All …

Where do you draw the line, and why even draw a line?

Do you love your domestic pets. Do you love your children. Why do you draw the line and not hold all life sacred? Animals, all of them, are from different nations, different species. They have relationships, joy, know pain and suffereing. How can anyone draw the line and why even draw one. Holding all sentient life sacred, doing no harm, is living balanced, peaceful and healthy lives and in harmony and greater diversity of the community of creation and all its beauty. There are no lines to be drawn, live in unity consciousness and no lines form, just appreciation for the diversity without the predatory need to exploint, harm and cause yourself much harm in the process. There is a way to have it all, to live happy, healthy and joyful lives. And there is the status quo we live with now, the 'consensus reality' where eating animals and drinking or eating dairy products, and wearing animals, experimenting on animals, is as normal as drinking water daily or breathing air. And we wo…

Calling All Vegetarians and Pet People

Vegetarians and pet people, please hear me out. You are people who could make the step to become vegan. Vegetarians must know about the crimes of the dairy industry, the cruelty to animals, if not, read some articles on this blog or other blogs. You are almost there but you need to make that last step to help these millions of animals. Pet people, with dogs, cats, ferrets, etc, you must love your pet, can you draw a line between them and all the pigs, cows, chickens, sheep and other animals? They are of a different nation than humans just like domestic pets, and all the sea creatures. If you saw what goes on in these factory farms you would be appalled I hope. Animals are being treated with abject cruelty, disregard with not a speck of reverence. This is a critical situation and I am asking for your help. If we get the vegetarians on board and the pet owners with vegans we would have a larger voice and that is what we dearly need right now.

The animals in these stinking hell holes nee…

People Power

People have power to change things on a massive scale, each individual has enormous power, and together we change paradigms, worlds, deplorable conditions. We speak with our dollar, when we buy we speak. We speak every single day to other humans. We can let them know what is going on, how many billions of animals a year or tortured for food consumption in the meat and dairy industry. We can start a blog and be heard on the internet. There are no more excuses or playing the blame game, the wasted finger pointing at government and 'the bad' guy of your choice. You look in the mirror. You have power to change things. People have power in numbers. Millions, billions are supporting cruelty to animals right now, as they also cause environmental damage and species extinction, ill health for humans, promotion of more violence in the entertainment industry, in the home, on our roads, just by their dietary choices, how they speak with their dollar, how they interact with others, what th…

Who are the humans who work at these factory farms and are they human?

You who club, torture, brutalize and even seem to relish the constant pain you inflict on innocent animals in your blood soaked clothes...I want to meet you, see who you are. Do you go to church on Sunday, do you have children, do you have pets, companion animals, that I highly doubt and if you do have pets do you mistreat them too? Who the hell are you. I would like it if you were arrested and that is coming sooner than you think. You are an abomination. Leave your jobs now while you still have time to walk away. Not that I care one iota about you, not at all. Your time is coming to an end in more ways than one. Even the UN says there will be mass starvation on Earth by 2050 if all people do not go vegan. Some humans are stupid, gutless, insane, but you are the worst things on this planet, and calling you things is all I can come up with because you are not human. You have no heart. You cannot be called human. You have no soul. What are you? What kind of a creation are you? I have wa…

Wake Up People!!!!!

Please see for yourself, first and foremost look at the cruelty directly, even if our governments make laws to allow such disgusting practices you will see when you take the time to find out what is going on with the millions of animals in factory farms that are tortured daily, that if you stand by and do nothing you have let these innocent animals down. Complacency is not an answer. Denial is not an answer. As John Lennon said, "If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem", and I might add will face ALL the consequences of that non action and choice you make daily. Speak with your dollar, help collapse factory farming. Speak with a blog on the internet. Speak to everyone you talk with every day, do not turn a blind eye. Make history, make a better world for all living creatures. End the torture, End the cruelty, no more excuses. We are at a critical point and we, all of us, need to help these farm animals. Look into this even if it is hard. Have courage.…