Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Deep State Has Digested Both Trump And Sanders. Fight The Deep State.

The Deep State Has Digested Both Trump And Sanders. Fight The Deep State.: "Whenever someone tries to tell you that there is no deep state in America, it is simply their way of informing you that they are too cowardly and compartmentalized to do 45 minutes of intellectually honest research into the matter.
In reality, the term “deep state” does not refer to a conspiracy theory about a shadowy cabal of baby-sacrificing Illuminati, but to a concept in political analysis which accounts for the self-evident fact that there are unelected power structures in America which tend to collaborate with one another. It is not up for debate whether or not groups like the billionaire class, multinational corporations and banks, the intelligence community, the military-industrial complex, and the corporate media exist. They do. They exist, they have power, they are unelected, they remain amid the comings and goings of the elected government, and they are known to collaborate in various ways toward their own agendas. This is an undeniable fact; you cannot debate the existence of the American deep state, but only how and to what extent it operates.
The last two days have shown more signs than ever that Trump is now fully controlled by America’s unelected power establishment. "

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