Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Accidental Journalist: Part V — Leakers or Hackers

The Accidental Journalist: Part V — Leakers or Hackers: "Accidental Journalist Webb has taken his investigation on the road full time and is blazing a trail across the Washington D.C. area. More recently joined by fellow journalist Jason Goodman, Webb’s investigation has taken on a new sense of urgency since private investigator Rod Wheeler exposed obstruction by DC law enforcement to solve the Seth Rich murder case. In another deeply disturbing development two days ago, Beranton Whisenant, Jr., a Miami federal prosecutor, was found tumbling in the surf of a Hollywood beach, dead of an apparent head wound. Nothing was taken from him. No word on suspects or motive not to mention that killings of federal prosecutors are extremely rare.
Yet more disturbing is that Whisenant just so happened to live in the same district where the DNC fraud lawsuit is being litigated and the parties to the suit are currently awaiting a Judge’s decision on the Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss. It is also the same district represented in the U.S. Congress by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who recently threatened the Capitol Police Chief for holding evidence gathered in an investigation into Wasserman Schultz’s IT staff. The video is chilling in which she warns ‘there will be consequences:’"

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