Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Accidental Journalist: Part IV — Hillary’s Blackberries

The Accidental Journalist: Part IV — Hillary’s Blackberries: "Just prior to the news breaking on Seth Rich, George Webb’s investigation had just broken the code of how intelligence was being acquired, organized and utilized by the spy ring he is uncovering. The strategy appears to have been this: cycle doped Blackberries through key players that would allow all email content and notes taken during meetings (including a SCIF) to be automatically synced to an offsite server via strategically located towers. After a deal or negotiation had been completed, the devices would be replaced to cut off the trail.
When Clinton was appointed Secretary of State, not only did she refuse to use the secure device tested by NSA, but she lobbied to ensure that all the individuals being targeted for spying used Blackberries from her ‘trusted’ source, too, acquired and distributed through Anthony Weiner, who had no security clearance, himself. The Awans handled the back-office work of doping the devices and installing towers to provide continuity of service. Clinton and her team ensured access to the content and Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe oversaw the operation — that’s right, the same guy who was in charge of investigating it."

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