Thursday, June 8, 2017

Justice For Andrew McCabe? - YouTube

Justice For Andrew McCabe? - YouTube:

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more from George and Jason today on the investigation, on NASA connections they made last night .... I wrote about this a number of years ago in my book and so I posted a little bit which I think is relevant in the comment section under their video. Here is what I posted... George and Jason John B Wells interviewed a lady a few years ago about the Jade Helm exercises going on in the summer a few years ago, she knew quite alot. In 2015 many people in the USA were upset about the Jade Helm military exercises slated to take place from July 15 to November 15. Jade Helm if you decode it, is a name for this data collection system, which is highly sophisticated and can gather any information on its network grid including activity-based information. It is an AI interlocked network, a component of a ‘one world order’ or government. The software capabilities have been around awhile and not realized by most people and not understood by most people either as its very technical. The phrase mastering the human domain (which has been associated with Jade Helm) is repeated hundreds of times in the technical papers describing this system. Mastering a geographic area with this AI system can be micro managed to control an environment. The system maps the human domain using four main categories of gathering information. 1. The biographical data, who you are 2. Individual activity, what you do 3. Relational data – who you know, family, groups, friends, etc 4. Contextual data – information about the environment in which the entity, or human network node, you or me, is found – cultural data, political data, tribal customs, etc. It’s the most important and is the glue in the system that is able to map the human domain. Think of Skynet in the Terminator series of movies or the Borg of Star Trek fame, only this is here, now.

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