Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Human trafficking: As easy as ordering a pizza - Brad Wenstrup

Human trafficking: As easy as ordering a pizza:

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Brad Wenstrup was on the field today at the shooting of Rep Congressman Steve Scalise and others, he wrote this article last week. The shooter apparently first asked if if was Dems or Rep's practicing for a charity baseball game and when he learnt it was Rep, he opened fire with an automatic weapon, 50-60 shots, Rand Paul was there as well and said if it were not for the few Capitol police already there as security, "it would have been a massacre". Also, it was Trumps birthday today as well. Happy Birthday Mr. President. Also , what MSM will not tell you..Steve Scalise (who got shot today) tweeted "The House is taking strong action to protect victims of #HumanTrafficking and to bring child predators to justice".

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