Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How We Gave our Power Away – TheseEyesGod – Medium

How We Gave our Power Away – TheseEyesGod – Medium: "As Rumi said, What you are seeking is seeking you. WE are the ones for whom we’ve been searching. It is by dropping such belief systems that we begin to (re)empower the Self, leaving the lesser self behind. All that we require we have — we already are.
We have been so heavily programmed, right from birth, that it can seem difficult to uncover, much less drop such beliefs. We begin begin by seeing them — recognizing them as beliefs we’ve accepted, rather than truth.
We then begin to withdraw that acceptance. These are the delicate first steps. Otherwise, we merely take on a new set of beliefs which will then clash with the old ones, creating discomfort — breeding doubt."

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