Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Fathers Day Everyone... and to the Founding Fathers of The United States of America

I have settled on the opinion that the relentless planners and impeders of democracy should have their way and impeach Trump, not because of anything he has done so far, he has not had an opportunity to do much, from the ‘beat the dead Russian horse’ mantra to the multiple mock assassination suggestions passed off as art, his presidency has been bogged down from the start on a number of blocking techniques by Republicans and Democrats. Those carrying on this campaign do not care about a legitimately elected president, they care more about what they have always cared about, money, power, and don’t piss off those who are really running the show. They could care less about democracy and they will never stop. I say let them have their way let the bloody civil war begin. Get it out of your system. Get it all out. And burn down all the MSM offices while your at it. Maybe the joke that is your failed justice system, the ugly puss of corruption, will finally pour out of many wounds and infect what little you have left of justice and liberty so the host can die and resurrection can begin. Stepping over the bodies and rubble while disturbing, will be settling, a release and question, “so, what’s next?” Hopefully the fresh air of real democracy will blow again. With MSM crashed to the ground along with the lies there will be no more brain washed individuals picking up guns and shooting members of government drawing up special bills to go after child abusers. Let Humpty Dumpty fall, and all the kings horses and all the kings men will not be able to put humpty dumpty together again because the majority of people will finally be awake and not in any mood to allow such shenanigan’s. Am I saying it is a good thing? I am saying know this, the blood is on your hands, you helped with the destruction of America and the obstruction of democracy. Also know the ones who incite you want that blood and the destruction, but you will only know that once the dust clears and fires fade out.

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