Tuesday, June 13, 2017

For Those Who Thought Nothing Came of Jeff Sessions Testimony Today

For those of you who think nothing came of Jeff Sessions testimony today, here is my take, yes I watched the whole thing. Sessons chose to testify and today he eluded to the REAL obstruction of justice and shot a big hole in all this waste of time Russian nonsense, calling it "despicable and a lie". There are real criminals to be investigating, see the article on this blog about the DNC fraud lawsuit, because of the threats made to the lawyers, WHO are appealing to the courts for protection given the threats to them and the multiple deaths already..... quit with the Russia distraction already, its been 10 months and NOTHING. It’s a big fat waste of $$$ and time , go after the real criminals, like the beyond gross negligence of Hilary Clinton and the beyond crimes now and if Congress does NOT call Loretta Lynch on her obstruction of justice, call her to testify then something is seriously wrong. And don’t even get me started on the unmaskings, spying, and leakings, for political gain. They have been through thousands of pages of information, interviewed witnesses and everything else. They are really no where different than where they were when this whole thing started. There is NO collusion but there is a hell of alot of distraction from what should be the REAL focus. And this leaking is strategic leaking for political gains it is an enormous perversion of any system and that is what is happening! I watched the whole thing today and you could sure tell the people who want real progress and justice from those who want to keep the old game going. It truly is a battle raging, only thing is people are too hung up on political party affiliations. It's not about that, its about truth vs lies, justice vs corruption. The old system will crumble, and IS crumbling and THAT is what this is all about.

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