Monday, January 23, 2017

Negative Trump Coverage Is Long-Term Threat to His Presidency | Zero Hedge

Negative Trump Coverage Is Long-Term Threat to His Presidency | Zero Hedge: "An article at State of the Nation maintains that the mainstream media must be shut down because it is not going to change:

Truly, if ever there was a treasonous and deadly enemy of the American people, it is the entire Mainstream Media (MSM).  …  The writing is now on the wall:  The current corporate Mainstream Media cannot peacefully coexist with the American Republic.
The Mainstream Media has proven itself determined to subvert democratic institutions wherever they can cynically manipulate them for the benefit of the ruling elites.  The Mainstream Media has committed numerous acts of high treason, abetted the genocide and forced displacement of indigenous peoples around the world, and employed yellow journalism to explicitly goad the American people into unprovoked wars of aggression.
The Mainstream Media has demonstrated repeatedly that it does not act in the best interest of the American people, and often acts to their great detriment.
The article goes over a number of different topics and discusses ways the mainstream media may not be telling the truth about any of them. It says for instance that chemtrails haven’t been properly reported on and that the reports that have been made don’t tell the truth.


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